Thursday, October 16, 2008



The narrow lane of oblivion


The sun rises in the East - Nature's law for sure.
Sunrise - no surprise, blessings from its rays pure.
But suns rise and set, flowers bloom and wither.
We count the suns rising; they give light but whither.

Sunrise - sunset, time and the hour will pass,
Perchance a pattern, but the paths of grass,
Trodden or untrodden, could diverge or change
Into paths of straw or what`s more, side-tracks strange.

Sunrise - sunset, each change follows the change before,
In sequence, like waves splashing against the shore.
For oft they fondly move over pebbles and sand;
Yet ever fickle or in rage, fury unleashed foulest on land.

Sunrise - sunset, one season following another;
By the grace of God - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
We count again the suns rising; they endeavour to shine.
There is but one, the one ever - the Light of mine.

Poem: Andrew Yip

August 2008, Singapore

Monday, August 25, 2008

Backpackers Song - a song of new nomads

Peter, Johannes and Alfred (from UK & Austria)
at ServiceWorld Backpackers Hostel, Singapore
Picture taken on 25th October, 2008

Backpackers Song

Hey ho, we are backpackers on the go,
Nomads of this century and long ago,
Ready for far horizon, hot or cold
Ready for challenges, new and bold.

Like camels struggling across the desert sand,
Take big strides or strive in no-man’s land.
Like fairy-tale heroes in the wild, wild wood,
Fly or flee; run, rush or pause, whatever the cause or mood.

We are nomads in life’s prairies, green or lean,
See strange places and things, long lost or unseen.
Dare to be here or there - to seek life, love and beauty rare,
Without a care, nor bother about who stop and stare.

Just pack away your troubles into the garret.
Life is to be lived; it’s too short for regret.
Hey ho, young and old, come and join the pack -
As nomads on the go and ready to trek or track
Round the world with your pack on your back,
Ever ready to pack and pack and then unpack.

Poem - Andrew Yip
Photo: "Sunrise" and "The narrow lane of oblivion" - Yip Cheong-Fun