Thursday, October 16, 2008



The narrow lane of oblivion


The sun rises in the East - Nature's law for sure.
Sunrise - no surprise, blessings from its rays pure.
But suns rise and set, flowers bloom and wither.
We count the suns rising; they give light but whither.

Sunrise - sunset, time and the hour will pass,
Perchance a pattern, but the paths of grass,
Trodden or untrodden, could diverge or change
Into paths of straw or what`s more, side-tracks strange.

Sunrise - sunset, each change follows the change before,
In sequence, like waves splashing against the shore.
For oft they fondly move over pebbles and sand;
Yet ever fickle or in rage, fury unleashed foulest on land.

Sunrise - sunset, one season following another;
By the grace of God - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
We count again the suns rising; they endeavour to shine.
There is but one, the one ever - the Light of mine.

Poem: Andrew Yip

August 2008, Singapore